Why Create Relevant Content

How Important Is Relevant Content?

All the content in the world if it doesn’t affect traffic to your site and have a goal in mind is of no value. The dilemma is that many companies are spamming sites with irrelevant content and comments to blog posts just to create back links for their clients. This is a rip-off to the end users and blogger as these links create popularity for sites without being relevant to the topic at hand. This also has by default created a plethora of ineffective results from search engines. Can you count the number of times that you started looking for something only to waste untold amounts of time just sifting through search results and not find what you are looking for?

Search Engines Will Find Improper Users

I believe that search engine developers really want to provide you with the information you are looking for, but they are fighting a battle against the spam community. Needless to say, they will rewrite their algorithms and adjust to the ever changing spam environment and then those offenders will pay a price for their spam techniques. In the mean time you have to get noticed and most of all become relevant in the search engines.

Therefore, your position should be to rank high in search engines, but through respected methods and through relevant material exchanges. Search engine developers want to deliver relevant Internet pages not web pages in which the individuals who are scamming the process.

Ascribing to Quality & Relevant Content

The heart of the matter is to be sure any back links you seek out will be connecting your site/blog from links with relevancy to your particular product or service. If you use link stuffing services from off-shore (or on shore) vendors you may find yourself tagged and sand-boxed (removed from search results), or some other penalty from each search engine. Creating a link campaign that is both attached to relevant sites and forums along side of your site or blog having quality content will give you an edge and help insure the longevity of your campaign efforts. On that note finally, the search engines will have nothing to complain about.